10 Pairs Natural Handmade Soft False Eyelashes / Fake Eye Lashes Set by Cheeky®

Product Features

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  • The world's favourite beauty brand "Cheeky" is proud to introduce this fabulous set of false eyelashes. PLEASE NOTE THAT Cheeky IS A WORLDWIDE TRADEMARKED BRAND NAME. ORIGINAL Cheeky PRODUCTS ARE SOLD SOLELY BY Cheeky.
  • We recommend using Cheeky's complementary cosmetic products such as: eyeshadow palettes and professional eye make up brushes to perfect your pin up eyes.
  • Brand new! Produced from premium synthetic fibres.
  • This set contains 10 handmade eyelashes - soft and natural.
New Price: $3.49

Product Description

Stunning False Eyelash Multipack

Always have this Cheeky® stunning beauty essential to hand for a fabulous night out with the girls or special event.

False eyelashes are a staple in most girls beauty collections today.

For best results follow these product instructions:

1. Please use one strip at a time.

2. Each pair is long enough to cut and shape according to the contour of your eye.

3. Using your eyelash glue (not provided in this set), bead a strip of glue across the length of the eyelash.

4. Allow the glue to dry around 30-50 seconds until it is not completely wet.

5. Apply the false eyelash strip to the base of your natural eyelash line. Starting from the center outward, lightly press the false lashes to match your natural line.

6. Optional: To enhance the look you can apply mascara.

7. To Remove: Use makeup remover.

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