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Premium Ultra Strong Adhesive
is specially designed for individual eyelash extensions and provides long time bonding.

Fast drying time up to 2-3 seconds. Bonding time is approx. 6-7 weeks.
Professional use only.

Professional use only by trained & licensed eyelash extensions. Do not attempt to use on your own eyes.

Colour: Black.

Contains: 10 ml.

Modern Lash EyeLash Extensions Lash The Professional Kit

Superior products create superior results. Choose a Eyelash Extension Kit that will sure to expand your prospects. There are kits for every budget, but create the opportunity to expand your clientele as well as your revenues. The average kit: * Services up to 300 customers (includes full applications & touch ups) * Recover your investment in just 2-3 applications * Profit potential per kit exceeds $24,000 (results from technician to technician varies and depends greatly on level of expertise) Bee Line Industries The Essence of Quality & Luxury. After years of research and testing, our main product lines are the foundation of superior treatments within the Beauty Industry. With so many companies in the world market to consider, we believe these companies are driven by successful results with several years of science behind them. We are mainly a wholesale company that sells directly to other retailer’s in the industry. We support many spas, salons, waxing centers, nail facilities, and other health and beauty avenues. Our goal is to provide each one of our clients with outstanding customer service and fast dependable shipping. We recognized that our business depends on your business and we want you to succeed.

Professional Eyelash Extension False Eye Lash Eyelash Glue Kit with Aluminum Box

Package Includes:

1* purple false eyelash

1 * brown false eyelash

1 * blue false eyelash

1 * 8 mm black false eyelash

1 * 10 mm false eyelash black

1 * 12 mm false eyelash black

1 * black glue (Color Random)

1 * eyelash cleaner (rubber stripping) (Color Random)

1 * air pump (Color Random)

1 * scissors

1 * comb brush

2 * tweezers

1 * eyebrow clip with the comb

1 * glass

1 * mirror

1 * Pack of gaskets

1 * Pack of cotton swabs

1* user manual

1 * CD

1 * silver box

WindMax (R) 12 in 1 Comb Set D Curl 0.15 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 14mm Natural Long False Individual Extension Eyelash Graft Eyelashes Air Pump Tweezers Glue Remover Makeup Tool Kit Set #19

Individual Eyelash:

Color – Black

Curl – D

Thicknesses – 0.15

Lengths – 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 mm

Package Included:

5 x Eyelash

1 x Stainless straight tweezers

1 x Stainless curve tweezers

1 x jade stone

1 x white plastic Tweesers

1 x pink pump

1 x eyelash glue

1 x glue remover

US Seller USPS Shipping! Boxed 19 in 1 False Mink Individual Eyelash Extension 8mm 10mm 12mm Lashes Pump Tweezers Cleanser Glue Tools 2 Layer Case

Package Including:

1 x Flase Lashes Smellless Glue (15ml)

1 x Flase Lashes Cleanser (30ml)

1 x Flase Lashes Cleansing Lotion (10ml)

1 x C 0.2 08mm Mink false eyelashes box set

1 x C 0.2 10mm Mink false eyelashes box set

1 x C 0.2 12mm Mink false eyelashes box set

1 x 12 Row 0.15 Thickness C Curl 8mm Korean Eyelashes Box

1 x 12 Row 0.15 Thickness C Curl 10mm Korean Eyelashes Box

1 x 12 Row 0.15 Thickness C Curl 12mm Korean Eyelashes Box

1 x 56 Pcs Knot 10mm False Eyelashes Box Set

1 x 56 Pcs Knot 12mm False Eyelashes Box Set

1 x 80 Pcs Micro Brushes Tube

1 x Brush

1 x Scissors

1 x Eyelash Comb

3 x White Eye Pad

2 x White Glue Holder Ring

1 x Silicone Gel Platform

1 x Curved Tweezers

1 x Straight Tweezers

1 x Air Pump (for drying)

1 x Case with Mirror (White or Silver Color will be sent out in random.)