Alluring Lash Care Prep Primer Eyelash Extension

This primer is used to prep and disinfect the natural lashes.

It strips off any trace of protein, dirt, oil, make-up on the real lashes. This will help the extensions to bond & adhere to the natural lashes better.

Clients eyes should be closed when applying primer.

Use 2 micro brush (also sold in our store) and lightly clean the lashes. Should take 2 seconds to dry. Apply extensions as usual. (Do not use on yourself, for professional use only!)

Eyelash Extension Lint Free Microbrush

Lint Free Micro Brushes. 100 Micro Brushes in all. Lint Free and Non-Drip. Eyelash Extension Micro Brushes make applying eyelash extensions easier than ever in less time. Have the right products available while applying eyelash extensions so time can be cut down. Aids in applying glue, moving lashes into place, removing excess product off skin or lashes. Non-drip tip makes them ideal for using around the eye area. Bottom slides open for easy acess to one microbrush at a time and slides back for safe and sanitation storage. Disposable after use makes them easy to use and less costly that using other brushes that need sanitation cleaning. Get the products that make applying eyelash extensions a breeze.

New 10X Pro MakeUp Cosmetic Set Eyeshadow Foundation Wood Brush Blusher Tools Gold


This type brush is very efficient and functional, convenient to use and easy to take.

Advanced Artificial Fiber , easy to take, you should have one.

Strict with pick up the superior quality brushing, no matter the gloss and density are comparable to no other brush.

Suitable for Professional use or Home use

Easy to stick powder, natural color, rendering uniform

With proper care, your brushes can be enjoyed for years.


Packgae includes:

10pcs brushes