Eyes 4 You Eyelash Growth Product and Eyelash Enhancer Available in 3ml. Will Last Up to 4 Months. Paraben-Free,Silicone-Free.Dermatologist Tested.Your Best Eyelash Growth Enhancing Serum is Formulated with 100% Natural Ingredients that will Enhance, Stimulate, Strengthen, Nourish and Condition Your Eyelashes by Revitalising Your Eyelash Hair Follicles Encouraging Eyelash Regrowth. Apply For Eyebrow Growth too .Very Simple to Apply and in as Little as 20 Days or Less You will Enjoy Luscious Thicker,Fuller,Longer and Darker Eyelashes and be able to say Goodbye to Expensive Second Best Alternatives,such as False Eyelashes, Piling on the Mascara and Fiddling with Eyelash Curlers. Money Back Guarantee


The majority of women are not genetically gifted with ATTRACTIVE EYELASHES. GOOD NEWS Eyes4you Eyelash Growth Serum will help you achieve your DESIRED LOOK.


Perhaps you are going out on that special date so you want to look a MILLION DOLLARS. How great would it feel to not have to worry about how your eyelashes look. We understand that you are fed up with the tedious and messy task of applying false eyelashes,possibly trimming to fit and then praying they stay on to avoid that dreaded smudged cheek look . It is hard enough making a decision on what to wear, so why keep creating UNNECESSARY added time pressure when all you want to do is get out and party.

False eyelashes , eyelash extension kits , curlers, tongs are all SHORT TERM.You need a FRUSTRATION and HASSLE FREE solution.

Stop feeling frustrated,help is at hand. With our serum you can achieve NATURAL RESULTS in as little as 20 days. Our Eyelash Growth Serum activates dormant hair follicle germ tissue, naturally promoting the regrowth of your eyelashes for THICKER, FULLER and LONGER lashes.

Excessive use of false eyelashes could potentially damage your natural lashes.

Our serum has not been tested on animals.

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Eyelash Extensions Vol. 2 – The Best Eyelash Extensions Training – Learn How To Apply Eyelash Extensions – Comprehensive Lash Extensions Training

With this training DVD, learn how to provide eyelash extensions to thicken and lengthen the lash line. Leslie Graham, an award-winning professional make-up artist, shows you how to provide looks from the subtle to the dramatic with step-by-step instruction and extreme close-ups. You’ll learn how to prepare your clients, select lashes, set up your workstation, apply individual eyelash extensions, and remove extensions. You will also learn about safety and sanitation, precautions, required supplies, available product types, client information and consent forms, eyelash growth cycle, aftercare instructions, and tips and tricks to make the application faster and more efficient. Leslie then demonstrates how to provide four looks: a full set of colored lashes using silk lashes, highlights with color using synthetic lashes, a demonstration of applying crystals to create a glam look, and corrective techniques using criss-cross and “Y” lashes.