Eyelash Extension Kit – No Burn Glue – Non Irritant – Over 250 Applications

Eyelash Extension Kit by Lashes & Cosmetics. A professional kit for the salon or the home. The eyelash extension kit features Stays-On-Glue, a revolutionary eyelash adhesive that will not burn the eyes, is hypoallergenic, waterproof, and will last for 4-6 weeks when properly used. The kit includes everything needed to apply eyelash extensions. Various sized eyelashes are included and offer lots of customizable looks. Eyelashes are synthetic for lighter weight for longer wear. Stays-On-Glue adhesive dries in minutes. Will not dry in bottle. Various sized eyelashes are included and offer lots of customizable looks. Kit Includes: 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, Mink Trays Of Single Eyelashes, Short, Med, and Long Tray Of Cluster Eyelashes (application time 20 min), 8 Natural, Dramatic, and Volume Strip Eyelashes 2 with glitter dip tips in gold and silver (perfect for weddings, holidays, and prom). Lash Press Tool for perfect eyelash placement. Eyelash Extension Case, 15ml Stays-On-Glue Adhesive – Black (250 applications) 2 year Guarantee for not drying out in tube. Store in room temperature, 15ml Stays-On-Glue Remover, Disposable Micro Brushes (100 count), Tape, Lash Silicone Pad (for laying out lash look before application and easy lash pick up),”New” Oil-Free Mascara to be used on the tips of lashes for a dramatic look, Pink Synthetic Snake Skin Tool Kit with Fine Tip Scissors, Professional Precision Tweezers, Lash Brush, 25 mascara wands, Lash Cleanser and oil remover. Cut time down in half with the Lash Ring, 4 Different Looks Sheet (ask your customer what look)DVD teaching tool by Lashes and Cosmetics. So Many products to make you successful at applying eyelash extensions and training tools to help with any questions. Online support included with DVD. Choose the kit that offers it all and more!! What a Value!! Returns are not accepted due to being a cosmetics item. If you have questions before purchasing please write us and we will be happy to answer any questions.

Professional Boxed 9 in 1 False Individual Eyelash Extension Pump Tweezers Cleanser Glue Tools Case Boxed

How To Used:

Cleanse The Eyelashes With Cleansing Fluid Using Cotton Pad And Dry Well. (Ensure That All Make Uo Residue Is Removed.)

With The Clients Eyes Open, Place Of Glad Wrap To Cover The Lower Lashes Ask The Client To Close Their Eyes.

Take Out The Required Eyelashes And Place Them On A Flat Clean Surface(A White Piece Of Paper) To Make Picking Them Up Easier.

Place A Piece Of Glass Supplied Next To Eyelashes, Pour Out Some Eyelash Glue For Easy Dipping Of Lashes.

Comb The Lashes Making Sure They Are All Separated For Easy Application.

Using The Tweezers Individually Pick Up Each Eyelash, Dip The Plat End In The Glue And Place The Lash 1/4 To 1/2 Way On The Natural Lash, Repeat This Process Until You Have Reached Your Required Look.

Use The Air pump To Set The Lashes.

Inform Your Client To Be Careful Not To Rub Their Eyes For The Next 24 Hours And They Must Not Apply Any Eye Make Up During This Time Frame.

Removal Of Eyelashes Is Simple If Required By Using The Debonder.

Using A Cotton Bud Apply Small Amount Of The Debonder To The Lashes That You Would Likt To Remove And Simple Wipe Gentlely After 30-45 Seconds.


The Clients Eyes Must Be Closed At All Times.

All Bonding Creams For External Use Only.

Package Included:

1 X Pink Pump

1 X White Tape

1 X Boxed Eyelash-8mm

2 X Boxed Eyelash-10mm

2 X Boxed Eyelash-12mm

1 X Eyelash Cleanser-30ml

1 X Flase Lashes Glue-15ml

1 X Flase Lashes Debonder-10ml

1 X Stainless Curve Tweezers (Black or Silver Color)

The Eyelash Extension Professional Training Manual

This curriculum is designed to help you succeed in applying and promoting single strand semi-permanent eyelash extensions. This manual will give you all the information you need while you begin your lash training journey and is designed to give you the most extensive and complete curriculum on the market. This curriculum focuses on natural lash health and best practices, not on promoting a brand. The information in this manual contains up-to-date information and materials as of the time of publishing, however, we are discovering fresh techniques and training all the time in this new and exciting field and I encourage you to keep growing and discovering new information. This manual is not intended to replace a hands-on, professional certification course. For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone. Audrey Hepburn …If all else fails, get lashes. Christa McDearmon

Blink Eyelash Extension Cream Remover Plus 10ml

Blink Cream Remover Plus quickly dissolves adhesives in a quick and easy way. As a tube type, Cream Remover Plus has been specifically formulated for the gentle and sanitary removal of the lash extension adhesive bond. Remover with a cream base, it won’t run into eyes while removing eyelashes. -Gentle but very effective in spot removing eyelashes or in removing all the eyelashes – The best ceam eyelash extension remover on the market

100pcs Tattoo Adhesive Pigment Holders Ring Disposable Eyelash Extension Glue Holder 13mm


Quick and easy, no mess to clean up

Used to hold glue, remover or lash primer

Great for use during the eyelash extension and tattoo application

These disposable glue rings make the process of applying lashes easier and quicker due to the closeness and range.

Open ring size: 13mm(diameter)

Cup holder size:11mm(diameter)

Color: white

Model: disposable

Material: plastic

Package Includes:

1 Bag /approx. 100pcs