Eyelash Extension Lint Free Microbrush

Product Features

  • Eyelash Extension Lint Free MicroBrushes
  • 100 Micro Brushes (color will be determined on what is available in stock)
  • Bottom slide opening for easy access to microbrushes and storage.
  • Micro Brushes are non drip and disposable
  • Non mess for eyelash extensions
New Price: $6.57

Product Description

Lint Free Micro Brushes. 100 Micro Brushes in all. Lint Free and Non-Drip. Eyelash Extension Micro Brushes make applying eyelash extensions easier than ever in less time. Have the right products available while applying eyelash extensions so time can be cut down. Aids in applying glue, moving lashes into place, removing excess product off skin or lashes. Non-drip tip makes them ideal for using around the eye area. Bottom slides open for easy acess to one microbrush at a time and slides back for safe and sanitation storage. Disposable after use makes them easy to use and less costly that using other brushes that need sanitation cleaning. Get the products that make applying eyelash extensions a breeze.

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